Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Macedonian War Machine -

I've always been interested in the Macedonian army, ever since my high school obtained copies of Peter Conolly's "The Roman Army", "The Greek Armies", and "Hannibal and the Enemies of "Rome" in the early 1980s, along with Phil Barker's "Alexander the Great's Campaigns" - just the kinds of thing to stir a budding wargamer's imagination (the one advantage of being at an all-boys school, I think, is these kinds of things can find their way into the library...).

Fast forward 30 years, and "The Macedonian War Machine" has just arrived at my door this evening, and a long time it has been in the receiving.  Not because of any delay in the dispatch from Pen & Sword Books, mind you; indeed, the book was only first published last September, and I didn't know it had been released until the end of the year.

Image from Pen & Sword
No, I've been waiting for this book for a long time because it's taken its author, David Karunanithy, 15-odd years to finally get it published, and I read a draught manuscript of it some 12 years ago! Which is actually somewhat comforting, in that it gives me hope that I may eventually bring out a book of my own, despite the ideas for it having languished for in the various computers I have gone through over the past decade...   David's already had some great contributions to make on the subject over the years, with many of them finding their way into Slingshot.

So far, I've only got through the preface, acknowledgements (and my ego is flattered by being there, I have to say), and the forward, so this is, despite the tag, hardly a book review, more of a shout-out: I know I will thoroughly enjoy the book itself. 

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